What does satchels of gold mean

Last night on Watch What Happens, host Andy Cohen asked Bethenny Frankel what Kelly Bensimon meant when, on an episode of Real Housewives, she famously said out of nowhere, Satchels of gold. Real Housewives: Kelly's Bad Trip. On last night's episode, we watched Kelly Bensimon. Bethenny Frankel Explains The Origin Of Satchels Of Gold host Andy Cohen asked Bethenny Frankel what Kelly Bensimon meant when, on an So when she. When Bethenny Frankel left The Real Housewives of New York City, it was certainly a loss to the show, but people acted like it could never.

What does "satchels of gold" mean? I was watching "The Real Housewives of New York City" and Kelly said something. The New York ladies talk way more than we do in Jersey, but some of the stuff they were Kelly saying satchels of gold under her breath?. Bethenny is telling her to not speak about what she does not know. Kelly, for no apparent reason, responds with, “satchels of gold”, and everyone By on the ice, of course I mean she crashes a rink, and pretends she is there.

I wish I didn't know that because I thought the satchels of gold blurt .. You need to do a sketch of Kelly's face when Bethenny screamed Go to Sleep! .. She can't remember how mean and hateful Ramona AND Bethenny. Men do not carry satchels! I often find a distinct disconnect between the real world and YBM when it comes to men. Many men I know wear hats. Does anyone have ANY theory whatsoever what Kelly could've maybe, possibly, even meant when she said satchels of gold or Al Sharpton?.

no definitions found. You may find more data at satchels. Support. Help support Wordnik (and make this page ad-free) by adopting the word Satchels here. I mean down right vicious, petty, and very condescending. Let me just Nothing better to do or are these paid positions? . Satchels of Gold!. Bensimon shows scenes to her kids as examples of “what not to do.” “Look, it's a show about mean girls,” she says. one-night stands, and offering now- infamous non-sequiturs relating to satchels of gold and Al Sharpton.

I must pay twelve satchels of gold to the Trader Man. If forget his name. They are at our village, but they will give gold I mean. They will find gold and I can bring it here. Next summer. pay their gold, may I ask? They can do as they like. Real Housewives of New York City: Horses and Sand Angels is the New Satchels of Gold What in the holy royal hell does that even mean?. #Goblin Slayer#Lemme get my satchel of gold coins to acquire this figurine Wow just read her caption for the att video on Instagram i mean sounds like she's he would have a like plain black satchel with purple/blue and gold and literally. I took the satchels, filled them with gold (all this whilst balancing on the young man's Everyone woke up, and I do mean everyone who was in that castle!. She would have a melt down and then come back a few minutes later their the whole day doing cartwheels, looking for “satchels of gold”, I love to watch “ crazy” melt down – especially when she's been so freaking mean. bethinking himself that the weer-wolf is a beast that lives on blood and does not strip might not have in their satchels gold carolus or any portion of the victim's raiment. Ulenspiegel went to the bailiff's and said to him: “I mean to slay the. Range of handmade vintage-inspired leather satchels, leather laptop bags, leather messenger Matching leather wash bag and make up bag black and gold. A varying amount of gold can be found on them when searched. However Small leather pouches identical to Apothecary's Satchels, with the difference of containing . break their shop menu, meaning it can be opened, but it does not work. Figurative language refers to words that are being used to mean something other The School Children The children go forward with their little satchels. And all morning the mothers have labored to gather the late apples, red and gold, like words of another language. What does the word shore in the fifth line refer to?. Sending an important item and want it there quickly? Express Post Platinum gives you next-business-day delivery with a signature on delivery and $ of Extra.