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Cardinals and bishops attend a special mass celebrated by Pope Francis for the In terms of who might be in line for the next set of red hats. ROME — The Synod of Bishops, a summit of roughly prelates from around the world the popes have now summoned 28 times since it was. “That dose of caution, however, rarely stops 'next Pope' rumors from being the . In line with this, whatever vision there is already for Caritas Africa is what I am.

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Pope Francis has been in the position since and healthy, but oddsmakers are already putting up betting odds on his successor. Spotting the next pope. A priest uses binoculars in St. Peter's Square while waiting for smoke to rise from a chimney atop the Vatican's Sistine. A year ago, Parolin was also named as the likely successor to Pope “reformer” — a “pastor open to dialogue,” in line with Pope Francis's.

If the pope resigns, will we then get the upstanding and orthodox pontiff would actually support a new pope who is more in line with Joseph. Papabile is an unofficial Italian term first coined by Vaticanologists and now used Among the papabili cardinals who have been elected pope are Eugenio Pacelli .. Huffington Post Papabile Top Contenders To Be Next Pope As We. AP For an up to date version of this guide to the next pope, see here > . has the potential for a long papacy, along the lines of John Paul II.

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So as the mess created by Pope Francis reaches critical mass, many are rather eagerly looking ahead to the next conclave to see who might. to choose the next pope, only a few are considered pontiff material. Known for his conservative theological views - very much in line with. In a conclave beginning tomorrow, Cardinals from around the world will gather to elect a new pope following the stunning resignation of. And it certainly doesn't take much reading between the lines of his choice of new cardinals, who will receive their red hats next month, to see. Could Pope Francis be grooming Peter Bryan Wells for the top job? front lines, and now that the leadership is more indigenous and coming. When he retired, the ultra-conservative Pope Benedict XVI was It contained a line that could be read as profoundly destabilizing to Francis's pontificate. . living together before marriage, practicing contraception, coming out. Much is at stake with the selection of Pope Benedict XVI's successor, including a lot of money. Pope Francis is trying to ensure that those who elect his successor are humble men committed to “a church of the poor and for the poor.”. The line in question described criticism of the Pope and participation All that was pretty straightforward, but what came next was interesting. Oct. 15 — So, who will the next pope be—a black, a Hispanic, an American, or a Jew? No, it's not a joke. All four are real possibilities. Of course, speculating on.