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Jul 11, Explore Driven by Decor's board Styling Bookshelves, followed by Pull together a small decorative bookcase by arranging the top and bottom. Learn how to decorate a bookshelf with three easy steps for shelf decor ideas ideas for small rooms, homemade bookshelf ideas, bookshelf design images. Tips, tricks, and ideas for decorating shelves and bookcases with more than just books. Make your Tips for styling bookshelves and small room makeover.

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We've rounded up the best tips for how to decorate a bookshelf and your bookcases to make them a little more functional and a lot more fun. Artwork: Bookshelves are great places to display small pieces of art, such as paintings. Depending on their size you can layer them in front of. Image above: A bookcase doesn't have to be sparse to look stylish. This shelf works because the books are placed at different orientations. Small objects placed.

Struggling with how to decorate a bookshelf? I'm sharing my Large accessory next to decorative box + small accent piece on top. Start with a. Get your bookshelf or ladder bookshelf Instagram-ready with these tips on how to The shelfie trend has gained momentum once again as we style our . If you live in a small space, a big bookshelf is an obvious no-go, but a. To decorate the bookcase, place a few small pieces of art near the front of the shelves to give them depth. Bulky vases can hide their heft.

These expertly-decorated bookcases are sure to inspire your next bookshelf- organizing endeavor. Style a bookcase with unexpected items, like an eye-catching antique or a porcelain . Lipper International Bamboo Set of 4 Small Bowls. How to Style a Bookcase. Bookshelves are so much more than bookshelves. They're small homes for stories spanning generations, ideas, and. Here's how to decorate bookshelves to make them look their best. Use vertical stacks to buttress horizontal ones or to hold small objects. (Try books in a. The design pros at share 10 must-have bookshelf styling essentials so you can get the look just right. Learn how to turn your basic bookcase into an eye-catching display, and get inspired with our simple bookshelf styling tips and tricks. Explore different ways to spruce up old wooden bookshelves, style built-in Even reimagine a small space in your home by creating a cozy. AJ: When styling a bookcase, it's important to make sure each shelf tells a story. The biggest no-no is putting too many small objects on a given shelf. 3 Steps to Styling Your Bookcase_Emily Henderson_Header. Maybe you're someone blessed/cursed with built-in shelves in your home. From what many of you have told me styling your bookshelves is as hard for you Let the books be the focus, but adding a small lamp, a little.