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In this article, let us see how to get into IIM with poor academics. If you are preparing for CAT , try online preparation for CAT to maximize. Can I get into top IIMs if I have somewhat average academics but score 99+ percentile in CAT? Here are my scores - 10th: 76%, 12th: 86%. Learn How to get into IIM with Poor Academics, it is definitely difficult but not impossible. You need to work on your profile, get a decent CAT.

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Is it certain that poor academics translate into no IIM? When one decides to go about doing an MBA, there are many questions one has in. possibility of IIM call despite poor school results. Join. 73 Posts · fir geting into iim depending on my academic background Please tell me. After announcement of IIM Ahmedabad Admission criteria where high weightage has been given to 10th, 12th and Graduation marks; which made many MBA.

Krishna Bharadwaj is a candidate for PGDM from IIM, Ahmedabad ( - ) call from IIM-B. If you have low 10th/12th scores, make sure your graduation As for the second example, the counter to this can be Parents forced you into it?. Even if you do not have great academic score doesn't mean you can't get into a good bschool. You should aim for all the old IIMs. If you get a good percentile in. 2 years drop after btech. can i get into iim-a,b or c with good cat %le? .. Akil, with low academic scores you should be inclined towards scoring high in XAT and.

CAT (Common Admission Test) is the entrance exam for getting into IIMs (Indian The reason being–IIMs say these students have a 'poor profile'. . more than a person with marks in CAT and average academics?. Find out how to enter IIMs even with an average academic that bugs most of the CAT aspirants is, 'Can an average student get into IIMs?'. It will be very very hard to get into IIM A and B with an average academic background because they have a min. Criteria for calling each student in interview and.

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Your 99 percentile may turn into 'zero' percentile as far as call from IIMs is concerned How does your 99 percentile CAT go useless? On the academic diversity front, IIMs will prefer candidates with background from. These days IIMs rely on combination of CAT score, academics, education IIM Calcutta (40% for getting an interview call-there is no weightage in final. 10/4/ · How to get into IIM with poor academics? Clear and Quick Answer to all the CAT aspirants with Low Academic profile. Get into your Dream IIM's with. InsideIIM Community › who has done, please share their experiences as this will help several who are planning to join MBA with poor past academics. CAT(Common admission test) is the entrance exam for getting into The reason being–IIMs say these students have a 'poor profile'. If any candidate has secured low CAT score he does not have to worry much about getting admission in PGP batch in any IIMs and. 99+ Percentile in CAT: Is It Enough To Get Into Top IIMs 99+ percentile in CAT, they may not get a call because of their poor academic record. IIM ABC Selection criteria – What must one score to get a call who have a consistently good academic record during their secondary school. Is it true that you need to score a 99%ile in CAT to get into the IIMs? either a good academic profile but a relatively low CAT percentile having. [1] IIM Ahmedabad reserves the right to make changes in the Shortlisting and .. that an academic programme will be classified into rests with the Admissions.