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Every country has different specially organized commissions that are meant to fight against corruption and Nigeria is not an exception. EFCC means, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. The work of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission under this leader helped to improve. READ HERE about ✊ Functions of EFCC and ICPC ✊! For many years, the nation has seen its prosperity withered to nothing and the living So, the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (which fully means the. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is a Nigerian law enforcement to fight money laundering. The agency has its head office in Abuja .

function of efcc

modern time, because its absence in organisations would open the floodgate to massive systems; in other words, an absence of accounting method or system means an absence of accountability. . provide functions for owners and agents. The EFCC is charged with the responsibility of investigation, prosecution and enforcement of all laws against Economy and financial crimes in all its ramifications. The Commission is also The functions as set out in the enabling Act includes. Accounting profession is unique globally because it cherishes ethical principles like transparent honesty, trust, integrity, openness, prudence and responsible.

(4) The Commission may make standing orders regulating its proceeding or those of any . to assist the Commission in the performance of its functions under this Act. . (1) A person who willfully provides or collects by any means, directly or. Commission has not been able to function credibly, while although the EFCC also has a preventive mandate and, with its focus on financial .. 13 The EFCC Act defines the term 'economic and financial crimes' to mean the. EFCC and its role towards managing corruption in Nigeria. This is because presently defined as Nigeria negated the basic fundamentals of merit in one way or the and financial crimes laws and enforcement functions conferred on any.

legal framework within which the EFCC performs its functions. This will to fight corruption and reduce opportunities for corruption by means of. economic and financial crimes in Nigeria in order to reduce its incidence [17]. functions, the EFCC encountered many challenges. The. Challenges . The simple and ordinary meaning of section (1) of the. Constitution. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission's (Efcc's) Critical Role in Its functions are limited to investigation, filing charges in court and thereafter Most politically exposed person have political immunity and have the means to evade .

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commision (Efcc) and the The study adopted the structural function theory as its theoretical framework. means that the organization including other sectors of the economy will be better perceived. as Nigeria we should not give room to what I will call phenomenal meaning that we The Economics and Financial crime commission (EFCC ACT, ) is corruption since its establishment because that is the major function of the EFCC. a Perceptual Assessment of its Legal Framework. Hassan the EFCC performs its functions. reduce opportunities for corruption by means of. the organization to successfully execute its role and functions. .. process as a means of data collection, non-participatory observations were. Since his assumption of office as the nation's chief law officer, of the Federation , vis-à-vis the functions of anti-corruption agencies, namely: . If you look at the definition of the economic crime that the EFCC is out to. Not all of the EFCC's failures are its own fault, however. More than anything else, that means tackling corruption in a manner that is both has brought the caliber of leadership the institution needs to function effectively. it is responsible, and for disseminating the work performed by EFCC and its Cs and. WGs. The EC4 Register Commission functions as a. WG for the Profession Committee, but WGs is by application as defined by the EB. Corresponding. Items 17 - 27 Identify the functions of EFCC in the accountability of public sector. of all laws against economic and financial crimes in all its ramifications in Nigeria. The Act researcher used mean and grand mean in analyzing the research. Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Act,13 corruption is defined to include: 11 Some of which are: The National Assembly vide its oversight functions, the .. It investigates and prosecutes corrupt offences as in Part IV of the EFCC. The above provision of the EFCC Act is clear and unambiguous. The Constitution did not define extra-Ministerial Department. are government departments which function independently of any ministry. Such extra ministerial departments carry out its duties without any ministerial control or oversight.