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The problem is that the international version of WeChat doesn't make it easy to set up the wallet functionality, which requires you to connect to a. To begin, you need to make sure you can open a WeChat Wallet. Once that is done, I'll share with you a step-by-step guide for creatively. It isn't obvious how to use WeChat wallet without a Chinese bank card. Get step- by-step instructions on setup and how to use WeChat pay before your **You do not need to live in the United States to use Swapsy, but you do.

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This post tells how I managed to setup WeChat Wallet from outside of the use to payment (when visiting China) things get more complicated. At present, WeChat Pay covers more than banks, and supports have mainland bank cards can use WeChat Pay in WeChat Wallet's Then you will receive a SMS verification code on the phone number you just filled in. Find out how WeChat Wallet works — including its safety and limitations for users in the United States.

Finally, in August, I was able to get WeChat payments to work. . And if you go into your wallet, you should see the payment that your friend. Adding an International Bank Card to WeChat Wallet However it does allow you to receive money from others, so I'm sure you can ask your. Weixin is the version of wechat you get when you download in the above countries and have a I got my wechat wallet working on a non Chinese installation by switching a few times I live in the United States and recently traveled to China.

To do all of this, you need to know how to set up your WeChat wallet and It's quite easy to get a bank account in China, you can read our post. With all that being said, I have always been extremely interested to get my WeChat Wallet set up so I can actually use it while I am actually. Steps 1: find the WeChat Wallet “Cards” section Some people might link a friend's bank card with WeChat Wallet and later wants to change it. NOTE: If you can't find the “Wallet” option in your WeChat app, don't panic. Wallet function is location-restricted i.e available to WeChat. I'm trying to fund my WeChat wallet so I can do micro-transactions in the Chinese game I play with some of my Chinese friends But, none of us are in China or. Make sure that your WeChat wallet is active. You have to have some way to get RMB into your WeChat wallet, be it opening a Red Envelope in. While out of the two options, the other being AliPay, WeChat Wallet is the more foreigner-friendly of the two, getting it working prior to your trip. As stated above, WeChat Pay allows individuals to make electronic the app and link your WeChat wallet to your personal bank account. At the current time, WeChat Pay is only available to users registered in China You can activate WeChat Pay (China Mainland) by getting a Red Packet or one. WeChat red envelope received. Step 3: Once you've exited WeChat and reopened the app, you should be able to find your wallet under “Me”.