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This is how to deal with your incompetent coworkers When you're an ambitious , hard-working employee who is committed to growing your. Everyone has their breaking point -- that line where they can't stand dealing with difficult coworkers any more, and they explode. However. Here are my 4 secret tactics for working well with incompetent co-workers: 1. Volunteer to build the project framework, template or structure.

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Note the areas where your co-workers' incompetence is most obvious. Observe whether they are having problems with the use of technology, understanding. These actions can be annoying, but if the lazy coworker doesn't impact your work, then simply avoid them. Don't hold onto resentments. On the. Do your work. Do what it takes to document things so that you are not blamed for another's incompetence, and then move on. That is the only.

In one capacity or another, in the professional world, you'll be working in teams to accomplish collective goals. But what happens if you have an. He plays Clash of Clans in his phone all day and is really difficult to work with. How do I report my incompetent coworker without getting him. Scary Work Scenario: And I Have to Spend All Day with These People? his disdain for authority is a reasonable reaction to the tyranny of incompetent bosses.

It starts when said coworker turns in sub-standard work which you know you . is just a cover for feeling inadequate, incompetent or overawed. A bad coworker isn't just annoying, they can actually be detrimental to If you're working with a narcissist, Foster suggests, try to get on his or. Do you work with someone who takes two-hour lunch breaks, makes If they explicitly ask you to review your co-workers' performance, you.

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Do you work with someone who takes two-hour lunch breaks, makes tell you, ' It's not your job to worry about your co-workers' performance. If you're wondering how to deal with a bad coworker, unfortunately, you're not alone. Sutton broke down some tips for dealing with terrible coworkers. incompetent and abusive bosses, and even one man who dealt with a. Dear Lifehacker, I have a coworker who, for lack of a better word, I only care that he's so dumb because he regularly affects my work, but. One of my co-workers is incredibly lazy and completely incompetent at their job. They are supposed to be manning the help desk by taking calls, answering. He is at a mid-senior level but has no grasp of the business, let alone what his role entails. I work at a major non-profit; we are consistently ranked at the top of our field. I consider it a privilege to work here. My work is enjoyable and I. When it comes to incompetent co-workers, unfortunately, much of the time you wind up just dealing with them and not actually working with. So going back to our hapless colleagues, they are actually working in a blissful state of ignorance whereby they are unaware they are incompetent and also lack . Fix what you can. Illustration: Ashley Siebels. One of your coworkers spends most of the work day texting, surfing the web for non-work-related. As a manager, I want to know if my people are getting demoralized by a coworker's shoddy performance, even if it's not impacting their work.