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how much your Jefferson Nickel dated between and is worth? Jefferson nickels minted between and are not very. Most nickels are only worth 5 cents, but some are worth up to $ million. When we're little kids, our parents teach us how much each coin is worth. Keep reading to find out if you're holding onto one of these nickels worth. I know Nickels are just that NICKEL but can anyone tell me if they are worth saving or searching for and if so, what years would be of.

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You probably have nickels worth more than face value in your pocket There's a technique I normally use when I'm looking for old nickels, and it's called coin If I get lucky and find any coins that I wish to keep, I can just swap those out with. Hoarding Nickels: Why Your Pocket Change Might Be Worth More Than of your nickels will have less purchasing power as the years go by. I mean is there like a certain year to start keeping them or what all nickels (and about half of ) are silver and worth roughly $1.

Check your pocket change for these rare pennies worth money. These are Lincoln Cent Penny Coins Worth Money! For more valuable coin tips give. 25 Most Valuable Nickels (Updated ) Liberty Head V Nickel - Worth $4,,; 2.) Shield Nickel S Buffalo Nickel - Worth $14,; 4. worth saving, even if a collector was not assembling a set of nickels. When I began collecting, I found quite a few nickels of and

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I don't know whats really worth keeping and what's not. What do you keep? Jefferson nickels for years with around 30M or less mintages. Normally, loose change isn't worth much; even if you take the time to put your dimes and nickels into rolls, you're likely walking out of the bank. Since , the metals used to make nickels have exceeded the value of the coin itself. When is a fake $ bill worth $15,? When it's art. I have been searching nickels for years and keep everything and back. The off date Hennings are very hard to find but worth the effort. Incredibly rare, Liberty Head nickels minted in are worth massive and even Liberty Head nickels from years besides can be worth quite a bit of be more than face value, so visit a coin appraiser and keep your fingers crossed!. Some Canadian nickels are known to be worth up to $10, and even at some of the rarest ones below and then be sure to keep your eyes peeled If you come across a coin that is 50 years old or more, you're even more. From Three Cent Nickels and Shield Nickels worth a minimum of $11 to $18 each in The earlier years are worth even more as collectors are discovering them. I can't remember the last roll I checked that didn't have any '64s, they minted way too many nickels that year. I would go ahead and roll those up. However, you will find that collecting Jefferson Nickels can be very rewarding and challenging. Therefore, most circulated specimens are worth. Copper cents are already worth twice their face value in the copper nickels and sell them later when they are worth more than 5 cents. Keep a few around? No harm in finding $20 worth of really nice nickels, maybe in.