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Find the meaning, history and origin of surnames, also called last names or family names, as well as famous bearers and usage statistics. Are you one of the millions of Americans sporting one of these top common last names from the and censuses? The following list of the most commonly occurring surnames in America includes details on each name's origin and meaning. Johnson is an English patronymic. Throughout history humans have been known by more than one name to distinguish them from other people with the same name. As societies became more.

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Discover the meaning and history behind your last name. Your last name gives you a sense of identity and helps you discover who you are and where you come . A surname, family name, or last name is the portion (in some cultures) of a personal name that In this article, family name and surname both mean the patrilineal surname, handed down from or inherited from the father's, unless explicitly. How much do you really know about your family name? Find the meaning and origin of you last name, and even learn a little history behind your last name!.

surname definition: 1. the name that you share with other members of your family; last name: 2. your last name. Learn more. ARMSTRONG: Old English surname meaning strong arm. The following tradition exists concerning this name: This family was anciently settled on the Scottish. surname definition: Surname is defined as the family or last name. (noun) An example of a surname is Smith when the person's full name is John Smith.

The most common Irish last names found in Ireland and around the world. These are the top Irish family surnames and their meanings. In A Dictionary of Surnames, Patrick Hanks and Flavia Hodges have laid out where early last names come from and what they mean. Surname definition is - an added name derived from occupation or other circumstance: nickname. How to use surname in a sentence.

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Definition of surname in the dictionary. and translations of surname in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. A database of surname meanings, containing information on the last name origins and the surnames earliest recordings. Russian surnames can hide many secrets. Last names can reveal where your ancestors came from, or what they did for a living. If your second. Irish Surnames And Their Meanings. by Celtic Thunder | Jan 13, Ever wondered what your surname stands for? When you hear the surname Kennedy, . After , the Norman barons introduced surnames into ('Os' meaning God) - disappeared quite quickly after the Norman. The same English spelling may represent more than one Chinese last name. To distinguish the differences, meaning of the last names are given wherever. If you know anyone from Greece then you most have definitely come across some of these common Greek Last names which are beautiful and unique to the . There are relatively few surnames in Russian that are based on the names of occupations: Kuznetsov (from kuznets, meaning “smith”). Scottish surname that originated in Ayrshire. The name means 'son of Adam', with Adam being the name of the first man in the Bible and. Surname definition, the name that a person has in common with other family members, as distinguished from a Christian name or given name; family name.