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They may also help to treat irritation, styes, and pink eye. Tea bags are an affordable, natural option that you can easily try at home. Placing. As a student who sacrifices sleep for studying without a second thought, I can at times be seen roaming campus with those dreaded dark circles. Tea bags are an affordable, natural option that you can easily try at home. Placing them on your eyes gives you the chance to rest and unwind.

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If it often disturbs you, then you need something more than eye makeup to hide it. The chance is that you can get rid of it by keeping tea bags on eyes. But before. We've said it before and we'll say it again - this tea bag trick for for puffy eyes make under-eye puffiness disappear, but alas, we still see bags. Puffy eyes are caused by a build-up of fluid that can be sparked by a poor diet and Grab two chilled tea bags and rest them on your eyes for five to ten minutes.

Do a tea bag compress. The tannin in tea bags has been proven to reduce swelling (baggy under eyes) and discoloration (dark circles). Either put your used tea. What do you do when your child wakes up with a red crusty eye (sometimes crusted shut) that is scratchy feeling, swollen and watery? Is there. Using tea bags to help diminish the look of dark eye circles is one of those tried- and-true methods that does actually work. For instance, the caffeine in green and .

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If you suffer from a bout of swollen or puffy eyes in the morning, these instances of excess, under-eye-fluid can make you look tired and older. While these. While laying down, gently place the tea bags over your eyes with your eyes relax. Leave them there for about 15 minutes, rinse gently afterward. Rich in antioxidants and tannins, green tea bags can help lighten dark circles. The tannins in tea also reduce swelling and puffiness. Boil two. Yes, tea. As in, the kind you drink. Green tea is the most commonly used, but you can use black, green, or white tea bags and they all work!. Late-night deadlines and environmental toxins can stress the delicate skin around the eyes, causing puffiness and dark circles. A natural remedy that is an. Want to know how to use tea bags to get rid of dark circles. Tea bags won't harm your skin. So try to use tea bags for dark circles under eyes. Another one of the great benefits of tea bags on your eyes is that not only is it effective, but it is also easy and relaxing. While you can use any. Avocado. For many people, tiredness causes dark circles under the eyes and that can add years to their Reduce puffy eyes and dark circles with wet tea bags. Tea bags, both black and green, are said to help revive tired eyes, as well as Not only can you drink your green tea but, if you have puffy eyes, dark circles. Tea-filled eye masks that make under eye bags go away, the natural way.