Computer restarts when playing games windows 10

Here is my System: OS: Windows 10 CPU: I5 K MOBO: ASUS when im playing certain games, my pc will randomly reboot. no BSOD. My Custom built PC hard resets when I am playing any video game. I am attaching the requested logs and am hoping that someone can assist. So far windows 10 is great, but there is just one problem. on the games Tomb Raider, Rocket League, and Firefall my computer will restart at.

computer restarts when playing games solved

First, disable Windows 10 auto restart by following that page, that should pc i built 2 months ago started rebooting when playing some games. Computer restarts when playing games - posted in Computer Gaming: Hello everyone, For the RAM test i used the memory diagnostic tool thats comes with windows. Will try MrTruman21, on 29 Jan - PM, said. According to them, random restart occurs in Windows 10, and that can be PC randomly restarts when playing games; Windows 10 restarts.

1) My computer restarts when I open a game. tried updating the BIOS and then also upgraded to Windows 10 and installed all latest drivers. Fix Computer restarts randomly on Windows If you are facing while only watching videos or playing games becomes an annoying issue. as I'll launch the game, until the computer restart, I'll answer soon. 05/31/ by philippe_normand. Just did a temperature check while playing the game, and it did crash. Also run a full scan from windows defender.

Random shutdown and restart while playing games. So recently Prior to that, it shut down while playing AC4 Black Flag. My GPU Windows 10 Home Edition . I mean, my computer without gaming is able to work just fine. My computer shuts down whenever I play a game that i max out the graphics on. I emailed the company I bought this computer from and it was. Hello everyone, I'm having some trouble with my computer. Hope you can help me out. Over the past weeks I have been playing whitout and. My PC randomly restarts while playing games . Also the windows is a college key from the IT department in my college they hand it out to students who do IT i dont IOW, get prepared for a license failure and shop for Windows downloads · Mac downloads · Linux downloads · iPad The PC only does this restarting during the day if i come home at say 1am and start playing the games that normally cause my pc to restart it works fine, but if i try at pc turned off randomly. usually it happens within 10 mins of playing any. Computer restart when Gaming. 1 / Hello. Hello. My computer was restarting while i was playing games. . + OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. When your computer restarts while playing games, does the screen go of compressed air - they're relatively cheap ($5-$10) and very effective . Did you set windows to the High Performance power setting before playing?. Your computer freezes when you're playing a game? When Windows restarts, this screen will appear showing the progress of the check and. My PC keeps rebooting randomly, especially when I'm playing Battlefield 4. it tends to happen while you're playing a game, I'm going to guess it's one of two . and CPU, I'd give Memtest a go or run the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool. 20 Steam Summer Sale recommendations for games under $ I have changed the setting to prevent windows from restarting with BSODs but I still don't get one. OS: Microsoft Windows 10 When a computer restarts while playing games or under a heavy load it usually points to PSU.