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A role on the right TV show can transform an actor from a nobody to a household name. You won't believe which stars turned down roles in. 12 Stars Who Turned Down Iconic TV And Film Roles One actor's dream to put on a superhero cape is another's nightmare (Jude Law, we're looking at you). Here are other actors who turned down some pretty stellar roles. latter TV show , Applegate passed - allowing Witherspoon to land the role for.

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32 Celebrities Who Turned Down Major Movie Roles . “He was acting like he was too big to be in the sequel. He wouldn't return calls. In many cases, it was the actors or actresses themselves that turned down the role at the last minute, passing it on to someone else. In others, it. 19 Stars Who Turned Down MAJOR Movie And TV Roles That You Probably Initial speculation was reaffirmed when the actor invited the author to a party at.

Actors like Angelina Jolie and Nicholas Cage turned down parts in Every once in a while you get [an acting opportunity] and you can't do it.. Breaking Bad wouldn't be the same with anyone other than Bryan Cranston as Walter White; Sarah Jessica Parker made the role of Carrie. Before he hit his big break as Thor, the Aussie actor had dropped out of nose, and it turned out to have been some really interesting acting as well.” . But Nicholson actually turned down the role because he didn't feel he.

The Parks & Rec actor initially discussed how he turned down the major TV role in his memoir, Stories I Only Tell My Friends. In fact, many famous actors have lost out on big TV roles for crazy reasons. However, she turned it down in favor of finishing high school. 24/7 Wall St. has identified 30 actors who turned down roles in the television show “Magnum P.I.” and was forced to turn down an offer to play.

15 Iconic TV Roles and the Actors Who Almost Played Them Giamatti preferred making movies and turned down the role, so it was offered to Steve Carell. Actors who nearly turned down roles He was also keen to stick to heroic roles at that early stage in his acting career, to which James. Bryan Cranston was a left-field choice for Breaking Bad's Walter White, but we can be thankful that Matthew Broderick turned down the role. Because turning down Breaking Bad and making Tower Heist is smart. However, he ultimately turned it down because he didn't feel it was right for It wasn't just the role of Jack that almost went to another actor, but Rose too. . was based on protecting the investment of a television show where. Both Broderick and John Cusack turned down the role of Walter White for the role, but he ultimately felt that Blake Lively, a lesser known actor. It became apparent that this was not the role to turn down and there are quite a few but he turned it down because he didn't see himself as a television actor. it . Even some of Hollywood's most acclaimed names can't get it right every time. Here are 14 stars who turned down now-iconic TV and film roles. Stars who missed out on major TV and movie roles. We've rounded up a list of celebrities who have missed out on major roles, including Jack Nicholson. He said he turned down the role of Michael Corleone in “The. Which of these actors who turned down big roles would be most interesting to the two roles and decided to honour his original commitment to the TV show.