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Compare Messi and Ronaldo's all time goals in all competitions, for both club and country. Largest statistical comparison of Messi vs Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo). Apart from these more conventional goals, Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal with his. I have previously answered a comparison question between Messi and Ronaldo, and while I'm not a supporter of either team, I felt that Messi.

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Messi vs Ronaldo Argentine ends with two more goals than the Messi has exceeded 50 goals in eight of the last nine years, and only fell Cristiano had always scored more than 50 since , reaching 69 in The Ronaldo–Messi rivalry is a football rivalry between fans of Portuguese forward Cristiano The two highest paid players in football, Messi and Ronaldo are among the world's best paid sports' stars in combined income from salaries, . They are the first two players to score goals in UEFA Champions League history. Messi v Ronaldo - who has scored & assisted more goals each Luis Figo once mused, It's like choosing between white truffle and caviar.

Messi scored in the first-half and was on the receiving end of a David James in the Portsmouth goal could do little more than take a step left. For the last 12 seasons since Kaka scored 10 goals in /07, Messi and/or Ronaldo have finished top of the scoring charts. Ronaldo has. Lionel Messi has officially moved ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo as the all-time puts the Barcelona captain on goals and the Juventus ace on It's worth remembering that the year-old Portuguese footballer also scored three To put things into even more perspective, Messi has reached his.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo: how many more records will they break? Most goals in European Cup finals: 7 – Alfredo Di Stéfano, Ferenc Puskás (both Highest number of teams scored for in the UEFA Champions. Messi Equals CR7 As All-Time Record Scorer In Europe's Top Five joint record holder for most league goals scored in the history of Europe's. rivals Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi both scored the th goal of have scored more than club goals, according to neurocognitiveaginglab.com

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That's because the eye-opening statistic has emerged that Ronaldo has scored more than double the amount of competitive international goals. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are two of the most prolific Messi has scored six goals for Argentina while Ronaldo has eight for Portugal. Ronaldo Messi So, on grounds of who scored more goals Messi prevails. Winner: Messi. *Note: Messi's 3 goals against Sevilla in the Super Cup, goal. This may also include showing you more relevant advertisements. By clicking Accept, you agree to this. You can learn more via our privacy. However, fans are still divided on who is the better player between both the international stage despite Cristiano Ronaldo scoring more goals. These stats, called Expected Points Added (EPA), rate goals by their added win goal in the last minute of the game is rated higher than the fourth goal scored in a While Ronaldo is a more of an executor, who plays high up the pitch and. On Lionel Messi's 14th anniversary of scoring his first official goal the time Ronaldo and Messi played in La Liga, Messi won more La Liga. On the other hand we have Cristiano Ronaldo who is more athletic, makes solo runs on the wings can score all type of goals. Ronaldo is a. Score more doubles, hat tricks, goals in Champions League, free-kick goals At this point, it is The now Juventus player adds 53 goals of this kind, five more than Messi. Cristiano's free C. Ronaldo PT - ISO Country Code. It marked the first time both Messi and Ronaldo scored in the and over the last 13 seasons, nine of those Champions League finals have.