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Twitter is an American online microblogging and social networking service on which users post . Work on the project started on March 21, , when Dorsey published the first Twitter message at p.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST): just . Glass, whose Twitter page says I started this, admits he didn't do it alone. He credits Dorsey and others, saying the site's genesis happened. How Twitter's owners and top executives say Twitter was founded is Matt Biddulph Next, Odeo moved into an office and started hiring more.

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Twitter began as an idea that Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey (@Jack) had in Jack sent the first message on Twitter on March 21, , p.m. It read. The project work began on March 21, , when Dorsey published the first Twitter message at PM (PST): just setting up my twttr. The prototype for. The answer might lie in the complicated history of how Twitter started — the many times it changed its CEO and tried to define what it was. In this infographic, I.

Twitter, online microblogging service for distributing short messages for the product, Williams bought out Odeo and started Obvious Corp. to. If you signed up for Twitter in early , you may be among the first users.. though only one We launched Twttr Beta on @Ev's birthday. The first step in getting started on Twitter is creating your account. When creating your account, it's important to remember that your username—or as it's called.

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This infographic shows complicated history how Twitter stared by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and Biz Stone - from idea to IPO. Wondering what everyone's talking about? Click on a hashtag and find out. Hashtags connect Tweets that talk about the same thing in one place. Learn more. Not sure how to sign up for Twitter? Follow our instructions and recommended tips to get started. Get started with the Twitter developer platform. Twitter is what is happening now. What do you want to build with the Twitter platform? Twitter's developer platform. To get started, log in to with your Twitter username and password to turn analytics on for your account. To access your Tweet activity. Does this show up on my Twitter page? Am I missing things my friends post? What's an RT? Follow our tips to get started on Twitter, and set. The first thing to remember is that Twitter's official founders is more about the title given to the outside world. Odeo was a startup founded by. This post is a minute guide to Twitter for non-techies. If you don't know what Twitter is, start with my first post on the topic, Twitter-dee. So you've finally decided to see what this whole Twitter thing is all about. However, as soon as you check it out you start feeling overwhelmed with how fast . A collection of Twitter tips for beginners, including who to follow, how to for Beginners: Everything I Wish I Knew About Twitter When I Started.