How to treat braided hair

Keep your braids looking great and your hair healthy with these apply a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment and choose styles that. When you undo your braids, give it a break before you move on to the next one to let your hair breathe. While it is open, trim the dead ends and treat it with an. Before braiding your hair, give it an oil treatment. It is generally a bad idea to braid hair that is brittle, weak, and overworked. An oil treatment.

how to take care of braids for guys

The time styling your hair in the morning is practically cut in half when you have braids. This doesn't mean you should neglect them or your hair. Here's how to avoid and treat the dreaded braid itch. Too much tension on the hair follicles can cause traction alopecia - a condition which. “While your hair is in braids (or even without them), it's best to treat the scalp with a pre-shampoo—also know as pre-poo—oil treatment especially for dry, itchy.

If you've chemically processed your hair recently avoid styles like braids, have been chemically treated, as they would have been weakened by the chemicals. Box braids is a very popular hairstyle of the 90s, which is based on recommend using a hot oil treatment to hydrate your stressed scalp. If you're considering braids for your afro hair, follow our aftercare, and maintenance advice for to keep them frizz free and intact for longer.

25 of the best products to maintain your braids. A pre-shampoo conditioning hair treatment will keep your scalp extra clean before each wash. Beyond shielding your hair from the harsh sun, styles like braids, twists, . conditioning treatments that will add moisture to your hair,” she adds. It wasn't until I started wearing my hair natural that braids were . how well your braids are put in and how well you treat your braids throughout. If you wore your braids for too long, here's how to get rid of any gunky Remember, your hair hasn't had a deep treatment in a long time and is. 7 Scalp Treatments To Try When Your Braids Are Too Tight like crochet braids or a weave, that add less tension on the hair because the. You planned your protective hairstyles months before summer actually hit. When the season finally came, you spent hours in a salon chair. What are box braids? Are they long or short? Thick or thin? What box braid styles can you create? Learn all about this unique hairstyle!. Because you don't have to deal with the itch. Try this tried and true hack using apple cider vinegar to pre-treat your synthetic braiding hair. Your hair can look messy, and that's totally the case when you try to braid your hair, Ms. Frizz. Treat coarse and frizzy hair with a pomade or wax. The first culprit was Kanekalon braiding hair used for Senegalese Twists She later discovered that the synthetic hair needed to be pre-treated.