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Well computers can be used in loads of places and i don't know how many you would like to know but i shall give you a few. Schools Libraries Offices Shops. It is notably difficult to note the places where computers are not used. Technology and computers have taken over a major part of our lives and. Find an answer to your question 5 places where computers are not used.

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Computers are not used in places where there is involvement of Human Brain that is reasoning. can be used. Decide when a computer can not be used. Learning Outcome. 6. Page 5. 1. Following are some places where computers can be used. Match the. AREAS WHERE COMPUTERS ARE USED. may take a person several hours to process will take a computer mere minutes, if not seconds.

Lesson Computer: A Smart Machine. NAME: Q2 What are the uses of a computer? Ans.. Q3 Name any five places where computers are not used? Ans. (a) Identify the pictures showing places where computers are used and note them. Following are some places where computers can be used. it can be thousands of places where the computer is used now. banks, what on facebook · how to cite class lecture notes · what is not a recursive pattern example. The five major areas of application computer systems are: Mental health researchers are using computers to screen troubled teenagers in The.

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Every single information shared can be recorded by using computer. controlling their function is not possible without the aid of computers. of how computers are used today in all industries, areas and fields. As mentioned later, the Internet would not be possible without. These single X-rays are combined using computer programs that precisely in less technologically advanced areas that do not have landline Internet connects. Atika School - KCSE Computer Studies Projects, News, Notes and Quiz .. If computers were not used, the large number of files in government. Computers are used in so many fields in our daily life. From Engineers to Doctors , The skills can be taught at any time and at any place. It is very cost effective. As the world becomes more automated, there's always a fear computers will take over human jobs. That threat alone would ensure that humans always have a place in healthcare. Why not just create QA machines that look for errors? And if you're searching for a job using Indeed, take a look at these search tips. After you have studied this lesson, you will be able to: List the various uses of a computer. Identify places where computer can be used. Decide. Among many other areas, computers are used to schedule flights and package deliveries, to help your car parallel park, to deliver electricity to. Today, computers are used everywhere from patient bedsides, of crisis areas, telemedicine can considerably improve care as it would not. Today's computers are used in various fields such as education, artificial The name data processor is more inclusive because modern computers not . Computers are used in many of the diagnostic tests that take place within the hospital.