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Reset Oil Maintenance Light on Nissan Altima. desired field Engine Oil – Oil Filter – Tire and press ENTER; Highlight the Reset. When I try to reset or change the maintenance mileage interval for the the tires and oil nothing happens. Next time I turn on the car the. Nissan Altima SE tire pressure monitor I would reset the TPMS also, the procedure should be in the Owner's Manual. Ed B.

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The maintenance reminder in the LCD display of the instrument panel is High light the reset with the dot button then push the square button. A shop might have reset it. If so then its got the other kind that most have, uses a formula that takes how aggressive you drive into account and. Clear and erase the Altima Maintenance Light in your Nissan and reset the oil service light or tire monitor reminder in your Nissan Altima. Altima maintenance light. This year range of Nissan uses the heads up.

How To Reset Nissan Altima Maintenance Oil and Filter Light in seconds! Highlight desired field (Engine Oil – Oil Filter – Tire) by pressing the NEXT button and then press the ENTER button to enter field. ALTIMA. OWNER'S stand the operation and maintenance of your vehicle so that . Your satisfaction with your vehicle and your NISSAN dealer are our primary . Tire pressure (P. ). .. The power seat motor has an auto- reset. reset button 02 is pressed. When the low tire pressure warning light flashes for 1 minute and then remains on, the TPMS “Maintenance and do-it-yourself (section 8)” of your Owner's Manual.

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From years: , , , , , , , You can set the engine oil and the tire rotation interval. The maintenance mode for Nissan Altima allows you to set alerts for the reminding of maintenance. Each Nissan model has a suggested, routine, maintenance schedule. Adjust All Tire Pressures; Lubricate And Check Suspension (Where Applicable); Inspect All Belts Corrosive Protectant; Visual Inspection Of Brakes; Reset Maintenance Light; Road Test Vehicle; Car Wash . Altima Starting at $24, Contact Us!. Maintenance Tire warning. Wed May 02, am. I had noticed when starting up my Leaf I get a Maintenance Tire with a wheel icon display warning. Check the spare tire's pressure as well. Older Nissan's need to be driven up to 10 miles before the TMPS sensors reset. Otherwise, see if. How do I reset the maintenance light on a Nissan Altima? I just had an oil and filter change but screen still - Nissan Altima question. Nissan Altima Dashboard Warning Lights and Meanings Rather than guessing what the warning light on your Altima's dashboard means, ignoring it, I have a (!) light on in my car( nissan altima), looked it up and it said low tire pressure . The light can be reset with an on-board diagnostic tool. Your service professional should also rotate the tires and perform a detailed more details about your Nissan Sentra, Altima, Rogue or Pathfinder maintenance . I was dismayed to find that the tire stem/TPM part for Nissan Altima costs more than $ Moreover, the engine computer must be reset to recognized a. The sole function of Nissan's maintenance reminder system is to remind the driver to take their car in for an oil change, an oil filter change, or a tire rotation. the “MAINTENANCE REQUIRED” light will need to be reset. When I first saw the message on the dash I thought I had a flat tire, but checked the tire pressures You can reset it in: Setting-->Maintenance.