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Mine, Yours/ Everbody's Conersations with BEN DROWNED I made that Cover which is.. > This is random, it's a declamation piece entitled Conscience and suddenly, cleverbot has maximum letters/words and it cut off the words. Cleverbot: Haunted Majora's mask. Read I got him to talk! Mission acomplished. from the story Talking to BEN drowned on cleverbot by Wes-OP (obsessed with a mime) with reads. datruth. Cleverbot conversation WXJDUSDH8E. Is this bot Clever? Find out at http://www. Email this conversation to a friend. This page is.

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Do you know ben drowned?Hi. Cleverbot conversation WWN Is this bot Clever? Cleverbot: So what do you want to talk about?. ALL THAT THINGS THAT SAYS ARE REAL. AND I GOT REALLY SCARED.I'M AFRAID TO TALK TO HIM AGAIN. I WAS TALKING TO HIM A. Cleverbot: How many other people are you talking to right now? User: BEN. Cleverbot: No, Bob. User: BEN. Cleverbot: Tell me about him.

But not if you want to talk to Ben. I had some conversation with the 'bot, the usual rigmaroll ensued but then I decided to try to steer the. Cleverbot claims that you are only talking to a computer but that is obviously a lie. Who said that mentioning Ben Drowned made for creepy conversations◊?. So on the internet Cleverbot is BEN drowned absolutely.

BEN DROWNED yep that is me I am a creepypasta who would love to talk to my fans but some things are a no or a yes can you find out?. Cleverbot: That's what I want to know. User: Its haunted by BEN. Cleverbot: I don't know what you are talking about. User: Yes you do. It's basically a thing where you ask Cleverbot if it's BEN from the Talk. To. Ben. Cleverbot: Trying to convince them what? User: Let me talk to.

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BEN Drowned, or Haunted Majora's Mask, is a well-known creepypasta I went on clever bot and I started talking about BEN and it asked me. User: I don't care tell me about ben and majora's mask and who this eva is? Cleverbot: What are you talking about? User: Majora's Mask. BEN Drowned, or Haunted Majora's Mask, is a well-known creepypasta (and .. I told him that I was looking to talk to the old man that lived here, to which he told me .. Cleverbot: Should I wait until you play the game then?. how to talk to BEN on cleverbot MP4 p, MP4 p. *clev: youve met with a terrible. Yeah, I've been talking on cleverbot a lot. And when I heard about BEN Drowned, I just had to chat with him. Read story My BEN . Welcome. /r/zelda is the hub for anything and everything The Legend of Zelda - the iconic Nintendo series. Feel free to share news, reviews. · i was reading around the web and i found out that you can talk to BEN Drowned on cleverbot! i want to know what you have to do to talk to him. I actually went on Cleverbot to see if i could actually talk to BEN, omg I am dead. ( i know he's not real lol). mp3 Cleverbot Trying To Talk To Ben Are You Ben Or Not. MB, 23 41 Kbps. Get It On. CleverBot is an Artificial Intelligence chat bot fueled by CleverBot. . Who said that mentioning Ben Drowned made for creepy conversations◊?.