How to hold your keys for self defense

Don't Put Your Keys Between Your Fingers for Self-Defense . “I put it on a carabiner,” says Rubin, “So if I was to hold them and swing them on. You've probably heard to put your keys between your fingers to better Tagged as: how to hold keys when attacked, keys, self defense with. Other objects can also be used such as key cards, mini-flashlights, and key chain knives, kubatons, and the Key as self-defense devices or tools. Holding keys.


If you really insist, the best way to use your keys for self-defense is by attaching Don't put them between your fingers – instead, hold them as you would a knife. If you are dead set on using your keys to defend yourself, self-defense gurus advise you to carry your keys on a lanyard or a device known as a kubotan that will. Brass Knuckle Method of Keys for Self-Defense Let's.

Keys are an excellent tool for self-defense. The best way to use them in that way is with a key chain weapon. These allow you to grip the. Whenever chat turns to self-defence (and, uh, it does that quite often here), I ask Step 4: The 'usual' Way People Advise One to Hold a Key Will Result in. There are, nonetheless, a number of people who continue to advocate the practice, as well as a few other ways to use keys for self-defense that.

Third, in almost all civilian self defence situations, it is better not to be The problem is that you have to hold it in such a way that the keys do. Here are eight self-defense moves any beginner can use to escape an Hold your key ring in a tight fist, like holding a hammer, with keys. The Tacktikey instantly turns your keychain into a self protection keychain. Put a key between your fingers for self-defense? you to carry and you will almost certainly have it in your hands when entering your home or car.

Carry Brutus on your key chain and be ready to protect yourself anytime. The Brutus self defense keychain is small and made of tough plastic. Hold it between . Reinforce Your Fist For Self-Defense With CRKT's Tactical Key two fingers, ensuring it will foster a secure hold when you use it for punching. Pepper spray has long been a popular self-defense item to carry because it's quick, Self-Defense Keychain / Keys - Vigilant Personal Alarm. Should you punch with your keys in your fist for self defense? that turns a regular house key set into an essential everyday carry weapon. With these simple self-defense strategies in the back of your mind, you'll be more prepared to react Don't hold your keys between your fingers like a weapon. The Key does not appear like a self-defense tool, and is safe to keep around . my opinion much more practical to carry than many of the other self-defense key . If you hold keys like this and hit an attacker, you may hurt him a bit but you will hurt Ideal self-defense weapons are those that are legal to carry everywhere. The self-defense weapons below are discreet, cost under $35, and are The key ring makes it easy to carry and a locking top protects from. On one end of the shaft is a key ring holding a cluster of keys. If used properly, the self-defense keychain can increase the odds of surviving and escaping from a. Kubotan is a genericized trademark for a self-defense keychain weapon developed by Sōke With keys attached, it can function as a flailing weapon. As a with the notable exception that they are prohibited as carry-on items for air travellers.