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To unblock your SIM card, you will need to use something called a PUK ( Personal Unblocking Key). Read more information on unlocking your device. Your PIN (Personal Identification Number) code is an access code composed of 4 digits that you received with your SIM card. With this. You can unlock your SIM card on your own, however, by typing in a PIN unlock key. Your carrier can provide you with the unique PUK code for your device.

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A PUK code stands for “Personal Unlock Key.” It's a unique code that is linked to your mobile phone's SIM card and is usually 8 digits long. To retrieve your PUK (Personal Unlock Key) and reset your PIN, enter your details below. Please note: To use your pre-paid handset on another network, see. If you enter a wrong PIN code 3 times, your SIM card will be blocked. Enter your PUK code to unblock your card.

A PUK, which is sometimes known as a network unlocking code is locked by your current network and you want to use a SIM card from. The PUK code or Personal Unlocking Key is a security feature of all modern SIM cards that we use in smartphones, tablets, and other mobile. When you enter the wrong PIN for your mobile more than three times, your SIM card will be locked. This prevents anyone trying to guess your PIN. To unlock it.

After unlocking your SIM card with a PUK code, go to your phone settings to personalize your PIN code. Choose an easy-to-remember PIN — it will prevent you. A PUK code lets you unlock a SIM card that's been locked after you've repeatedly entered the wrong PIN to unlock your phone. You can get the. The SIM card in your cellphone has a built-in security setting that prevents unauthorized use of the phone. When the option is enabled, you will need to enter a.

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The PUK code, or Personal Unblocking Key, unlocks a cellular SIM card -- it's a code for the security of your personal information and telephone line, which is. When this happens, you'll need your PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) code to unblock your sim. To find your PUK code, enter your number below. Or sign in to . Learn how to get the PIN Unlock Key (PUK) code to unlock your SIM card. Devices display Enter PUK after more than three wrong PIN entries. Find more. If your phone is asking for a PUK (Personal Unlocking Key) code, it means you need to unblock your SIM card and change the PIN. To retrieve your device's. You will need a PUK (Personal Unlocking Key) code if you enter your PIN wrong Important: Don't try to unlock the SIM without the correct PUK code as this will. If you're looking for your mobile PUK code, our helpful guide will Our guide shows you how to get the 'Personal Unlocking Key' (PUK) that you need to get Your PUK code is tied to the SIM card and the network you're on. Request your phone unlock code or PUK for your SIM here. We've also got How do I get a new or replacement SIM card? Where do I get my SIM PUK code?. Getting your PUK. The PUK code is a number unique to your SIM card. It's used to prevent unauthorised use of your account, and keep your SIM details safe. You can't use your Mobile Voice Service because your SIM card is not or “SIM Blocked”, you'll need your PUK (PIN unlocking key) to unlock your SIM and/or. Or, if you've entered your SIM card PIN unsuccessfully 3 times, you'll need the PIN Unblocking Key (PUK) to unlock your SIM card again. After using the PUK.